Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

At this moment in time I highly commend any citizen who chooses to take their time and energy to run for a public office. Here in Kodiak we have three women who are running for one school board position. I commend each one.

My vote will be cast on Oct. 4 for Julie Cain Hill, a highly respected Kodiak resident of 44 years. Julie arrived in Kodiak a young single teacher, married, and raised three Kodiak High School graduates. Kodiak truly is and has been Julie’s home. After retiring from teaching with the Kodiak Island Borough School District, Julie chose to continue her passion as an educator, as well as an advocate for children and families, through employment as the current services coordinator with Kodiak Island Housing Authority.

It was my luck that Julie was one of the first ladies I met when moving to Kodiak two years ago. Being myself a former educator, a mother, grandmother, and Julie Cain Hill’s friend, I feel that Kodiak needs her strengths and assets as a member of the school board. Julie is very approachable, with a strong ability to communicate with those around her. I find Julie to be a strong listener, with an innate amount of common sense. Julie’s years of experiences have equipped her well for this position as a member of our local school board.

Our local school board, our students, school staff, families and our community especially need Julie at this time. KIBSD will be in the process of selecting a new superintendent this year. Our present state budget has created new financial challenges for local schools. Julie sets importance on establishing a team approach when working with the board, our community, schools, staff and families.

Running for this one position on the board cannot be taken lightly. Julie is fully prepared and ready for the task ahead and I urge all registered voters to take time to vote on Oct. 4. Julie Cain Hill has done her homework and is a positive, committed, candidate. Please cast your vote for Julie Cain Hill for KIBSD school board!

Mary Ann Kondro

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