To the editor, 

Since passage of SB21, followed by Big Oil spending somewhere North of $16 million to advertise against proposition one — the citizens’ initiative to go back to the ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share) gas/oil taxing system, the State of Alaska — as predicted — has received approximately $1 billion/year less in revenue from the sale of our oil and gas. 

As was expected, the state has spent down our savings, cut the PFD in half and neglected maintenance on roads, cut the ferry system and police services, reneged on school bond payments, etc. The list is long.

In Kodiak we need a replacement for the Tustumena, we are facing a large increase in property tax to pay off the school bond, and we all could benefit from a full PFD. Other huge benefits will come to Alaskans from a fair share tax on gas and oil.

In Alaska Big Oil profits by $24/barrel of our oil. The next most profitable fields yield $11/barrel. We Alaskans need a better cut!



An Act changing the oil and gas production tax for certain fields, units and nonunitized reservoirs on the North Slope is now in circulation. The Kodiak area needs 550 signatures by Dec. 18 to get this on the fall 2020 ballot.

So far only myself and one other person are collecting signatures. I have several blank petitions and we need to get this on the ballot, so I am asking for volunteers to carry a petition and get signers. We have to do this ourselves, as Big Oil has control of the governor’s office and too many of our legislators. If passed, this could result in $1 to $2.4 billion in increased state revenues.

So, let’s all get at it!  For a petition: call me at (907) 486-5253 or email me: 

Jake Jacobson

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