To the Editor, 

Currently the Dividend amount is set each year by the Legislature’s appropriation — that should frighten everyone. 

The State Legislature, taking ques from the federal Congress, has insulated, privileged and protected its members from the common law of the land. 

Just review the citizens ETHICS Initiative last year. Denied by the since disgraced Lt. Gov, the issue was taken to court and ruled appropriate by the State Supreme Court, only to be stopped by last minute Legislative action. A similar, but watered-down bill was passed, which bumped the Initiative from the ballot. 

That new Ethics bill was nullified within the first month of the new Legislature as unworkable. There has been little discussion of this unconscionable act, introduced by Senator Mia Costello.

Yes, Ethics seems to be unworkable in our corruption — prone Legislature. 

We citizens need to bridle, hobble or — more appropriately — put some of the members of the Legislature and Congress in straight jackets. We must demand ETHICS in all phases of government!

Just look at the abject waste of public funds on projects like Walker’s Pipe Dream, the LNG gas pipeline, Susitna Dam, Ambler Road,….the list of prohibitively expensive Alaska government debacles is long. 

Should we allow this to continue, while we acquiesce to a reduced PFD? I say NO!

The PFD distributed to all Alaskans is the most equitable use of public funds. 

We need to preserve and protect the PF & PFD in the state Constitution.

Jake Jacobson

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