The Board of Fisheries is coming to Kodiak to discuss important salmon issues from Saturday to Tuesday. Kodiak needs your help to fill the room with faces and voices at the meeting beginning on Saturday at 8:30 a.m, at the Kodiak Convention Center. You don’t have to be a fisherman to testify and it would mean so much to have a diverse showing from our community to speak about the importance of the salmon fishery to our region. The suite of proposals coming from outside interests in Chignik and Cook Inlet seek to decimate the Kodiak salmon fishery without regard for the cultural and economic importance it provides.

The Kodiak commercial salmon fishery offers a lifestyle teaching hard work and cultural values, supports intergenerational camaraderie, and economically affords the opportunity to live in our rural communities. So many people are tied to the health of the industry in addition to fishermen including maritime support businesses, baristas, real estate agents, bartenders, and grocery store clerks. I’m asking you to join your fellow community members at the Board of Fisheries meeting to speak up. Show the board and people who come from Chignik and Cook Inlet that we are proud of our salmon fishery and will stand to defend it.

I grew up in Homer but have lived in Kodiak since 2010 and am honored to call this place home. I am constantly impressed by the passion that people have for life in this archipelago and have seen our community come together in the good times and the bad. This is one of those times we need to rally for the sake of our region. The Kodiak Salmon Work Group is offering assistance to anyone wanting help with their testimony at Fisherman’s Hall through 6 p.m. today.

Danielle Ringer

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