I just returned from my eighth yearly vacation to Kodiak, and I am writing because I have always thoroughly enjoyed visiting your city, and road system.  I have loved your area from my first year, when I fished with Dake and stayed at Smiling Bear, a great host.  I admire your library and wish I could bring it home with me to my town; it is a beautiful example of what a town can do when they all pull together.  Your people are very friendly and welcoming.  The Alaska Marine Highway System people are always very accommodating.  Great people, lots of wildlife, and amazing fishing; what more could I ask for.  I did try my best to not be in the way with the motorhome, or cause you any grief as a tourist.

Also, I hope Rosie enjoyed the treats we left, as we really enjoyed meeting her and her owner out on the Olds.

I’ll be back again next year,

Rick Newton

Warrenton, Oregon

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