People here and from other countries are astounded by the response to this pandemic. Many are downplaying the problem. We need a countrywide, unified response. It’s Groundhog Day over and over.

Some can get their COVID-19 test results quickly, and some have to wait for days. Cases on this island and state are alarming. Businesses are in trouble, are children are at risk. If you catch COVID-19 and end up in the hospital in an ICU for a month or longer, and if you survive, the hospital bills could very well be a million dollars or more, and your health could be affected for the rest of your life. 

This virus is serious, people across the country are being hospitalized in record numbers, and the biggest unthinkable tragedy of all are the staggering 150,000-plus who have died. Hundreds of thousands or more could also die if we don’t change course.

Trump, Murkowski, Sullivan, Stutes, Stevens, Dunleavy and the rest of the Republican Party are partly to blame. People are out of work, the economy has tanked, with no end in sight. The response to COVID-19 has been a total disaster. If a vaccine is developed, that’s not a 100% guarantee you won't get the virus. Vaccines are only partly effective.

This serious virus will always be with us. We need people in power who will put health before wealth. The same people are in power year after year. Same policies, same thoughts, same nothing. Pretending everything is OK. Enough is enough. We need to reset. Let’s vote these people out of power. Starting with Trump.

Randy Gilbert

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