To the editor:

As we approach Election Day Nov. 8, the media are full of opinions regarding issues and individuals. The dark arts of politics captivate or repel us, depending on our specific interest or persuasion. But there are some bright spots.

Here in Kodiak we are blessed with several good people running for our single House seat in the state Legislature. I want to point out some of the many advantages of retaining Louise Stutes in the state House.

With the pink salmon run ending as the worst since 1971, our representative, Louise Stutes, who occupies the chair of Alaska’s House Fisheries Special Committee, convinced Gov. Walker to begin the process of working with the U.S. Department of Commerce to declare a fishing disaster for the Kodiak, Prince William Sound, Lower Cook Inlet and Chignik management areas. Additionally, Rep. Stutes has begun negotiations to allow fishermen to defer payments on state loans and she is working for federal grants to come through to assist people who depend on pinks.

I’ve known Louise Stutes for many years and she works as hard as our representative as she did as a member of the borough assembly. She makes her job more than a full-time position. Her expertise and efforts have not been limited to the fisheries, as evidenced by her endorsement for re-election by the NEA, the NRA and the AFL-CIO.

The Alaska Legislature has been paralyzed by abject division along party lines as the state’s economic situation has worsened, but Louise Stutes has worked across party lines to reach consensus.

On Oct. 7, Randy Hoffbeck, commissioner of the Alaska Department of Revenue said, “Your senator (Gary Stevens) and representative (Louise Stutes) are not part of the problem. They are part of the solution.”

That is a well-deserved accolade for our first-term representative. We can expect Louise to gain more influence for the good of her district, and therefore, the good of the state of Alaska if we re-elect her.

So, for me, it’s “stick with Stutes.”

Jake Jacobson

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