Letters to the Editor

To the editor,

The borough assembly needs to approve the seedling contract with Koncor this Thursday. Wade Waldenbrock, the forest management consultant hired by the assembly, has stated, “The key to success with this reforestation program will be to determine a probable seedling delivery schedule in the near future. This should be followed with preparation of tree planting contract specs. Ideally, a tree planting contract should be solicited by KIB in September or October at the latest for a May 2017 planting operation.”

So why are we dragging our feet now? The longer we wait, the less success we will have, and more money will be wasted. By the way, Mr. Waldenbrock was hired by the assembly for his professional council. He comes to Kodiak once a week on our dollars, so why are they not following his recommendations? The money to replant is set aside (from the salvage) and the trees are available for spring planting. Staff has provided the assembly pro-reforestation recommendations based on science.

So for the sake of the future, our children and our salmon, the assembly needs to stop pinching pennies and making it more difficult than it needs to be when the future is in their hands. They should get back to their roots and put some thought into responsible land stewardship. Not to mention listen to their hired forester!

As Mr. Waldenbrock said, "Reforesting this area will add future value to the land and benefit future generations of Kodiak residents.” 

Sara Fish

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