I’m a long time Kodiak salmon fisherman and my wife and I recently purchased the local boatyard. We want Kodiak businesses to know that the Alaska Board of Fisheries is meeting in Kodiak starting on Saturday. The board will be looking at 10 proposals that would harm Kodiak’s salmon fishery. If several of the proposals were to be adopted, Kodiak could stand to lose, on average, more than $8 million in salmon revenue annually. I know that type of loss would be devastating to both my salmon fishing business and my boatyard business. I believe there would be similar negative impacts to a number of Kodiak’s support and supply businesses.

Any member of the public (business owner, fishermen, non-fisherman, dependent and/or community member etc.) can testify before the Board of Fisheries. You are allowed three minutes to get your point across. Sign up for testimony will be Saturday morning with testimonies beginning Saturday afternoon and continuing into Sunday. Think about how a big loss to our salmon fisheries would impact you, your business or your community and tell the Board about it. Resource materials and testimony preparation help is available through Friday at the Harbor Masters building and during the Board meeting in the basement of the convention center.

There is not much I avoid more than speaking at public meetings. I know it’s hard for lots of us. But I can’t just sit back and let fishermen from Chignik and Cook Inlet take our Kodiak fishery away and in turn affect the businesses in town. I’m going to be testifying to keep Kodiak’s traditional, well managed, salmon fishery as is at the Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting on Saturday and I think you should too.

Tyler Schmeil




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