Dear Editor,

I normally read the Mirror front to back. But the other day, I read the it backwards. It was last Thursday’s paper and the headline, "An Act of Kindness" in the upper right-hand corner, caught my eye. So, I headed on over to page 8, Sports.

The article by Derek Clarkston highlighted what was truly an unselfish act of kindness. In Derek’s words, the wrestling coaches, “opted out of a wrestling tournament at West Anchorage High School and gave their plane tickets to the school’s volleyball players and swimmers so they could compete in season-ending events.”

I don’t have the right words at the moment, except to say, “Thank you, Derek.”

There are more acts of kindness mentioned in the story, but what really, literally, brought me to tears were comments like this one from swimming coach Maggie Rhocheleau: “It show the culture of the community—we give and give.”

It doesn’t stop there. During Thursday’s Kodiak Arts Council performance, RupLoops: The Human Radio, musician Sidhu had the audience clapping, vocalizing, and dancing. At the end of his performance he got quiet, turned to us and said, “Thank you, Kodiak, for all your kindness and generosity while I was here. It warms my heart to know that there are communities like this.”

While negative news these days might seem pervasive and entrenched in our society, we need to remember that all it takes to dispel the darkness is one light.

Thank you, Derek. Thank you, Kodiak.

Marion Owen

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