KODIAK — A Kodiak bear was shot in Bells Flats last week after it raided a homeowner’s chicken coop.

Department of Fish and Game biologist John Crye said the bear was male, about three years old. 

The bear had reportedly eaten dozens of chickens on multiple days before the homeowner killed it on Tuesday.

“A bear came and ate the chickens, pretty much,” said the homeowner, who declined to be identified.

State Troopers tried to scare the bear away using nonlethal bean bag rounds and noise makers, to no avail.

Crye said the homeowner properly dealt with the issue.

He “shot it and did everything right, and skinned the bear and brought it to Fish and Game,” he told KMXT. 

It was the first time this season a Kodiak bear has been killed in defense of life or property, Crye said.

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