KODIAK — A man based in the village Old Harbor was charged on Thursday with two counts of assault after he allegedly attacked a woman and attempted to run her over with his four wheeler. 

Marcus Tunohun, 35, was charged with assault in the third degree, a class C felony, and assault in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor. 

According to an affidavit:

A woman entered Old Harbor Clinic Thursday and told the Village Public Safety Officer that she had been attacked. She said that Tunohun had punched her in the chest, thrown her to the ground and attempted to run her over with his four wheeler.

The woman reported that the attack caused her pain, and exacerbated pain from a pre-existing neck injury, as well as scarring her. 

The Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office contacted Alaska State Troopers based in Kodiak and went over to the defendant’s home. When asked about the alleged events, Tunohun replied that he didn’t know anything about her and that “she is crazy.” The woman then arrived at the defendant’s home and addressed him directly, saying “you know you hit me Marcus.” The defendant allegedly became very quiet and continued to say he didn’t know anything about the incident. 

The VPSO placed the defendant under arrest, based on the available information and his assessment of the interaction between the defendant and the woman. 

The defendant was flown to Kodiak. According to the VPSO, throughout the trip, Tunohun kept repeating that all he did was grab the victim’s arm and “pulled her down in order to get his tobacco back.”

Tunohun has been charged with three other counts of assault in the fourth degree in the past five years.

The defendant pled not guilty to the crime in court on Friday. He was released on a $50 bond, on the conditions that he not consume alcohol or make contact with the woman he allegedly attacked. He is due to appear in court on Nov. 15.

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