March 10

• The 17th Coast Guard District Command Center received a request for a medevac of a 47-year-old crewman suffering from abdominal distress on the fishing vessel Sea Freeze Alaska. The duty flight surgeon was consulted and agreed with a medevac using the MH-65 dolphin helicopter and crew from Coast Guard cutter Munro.

The helicopter crew arrived on scene, lowered rescue swimmer, and safely hoisted the patient for transport to Cold Bay, where commercial services transported the patient to a higher level of care.

• Sector Anchorage received a request for assistance for two kayakers stranded on Long Island east of the city of Kodiak. One of the stranded paddlers contacted a friend who relayed information to authorities.

The kayakers departed from Kodiak when weather was nice but winds and seas increased before their return, stranding the two individuals on Long Island. A request was made by Sector Anchorage to use the ready MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter and crew from Air Station Kodiak to assist. The helicopter crew launched, located and recovered both people from Long Island and safely transported them back to Air Station Kodiak.

March 12

The Coast Guard District 17 command center received a request from the Craig clinic to transport an appendicitis patient to higher-level care. Weather prevented commercial aircraft from responding, and the duty flight surgeon recommended medevac. An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter and crew from Air Station Sitka launched, recovered and transported the patient to Sitka, where she was transferred by local emergency medical services to Sitka Community Hospital.

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