• At approximately 11:53 a.m., a complainant called the Alaska State Troopers with concerns about two people trespassing on camera — one white female and one white male with a dark blue or black pickup truck. AST was unable to identify the vehicle or people, the woman was advised to put the video on Facebook to see if anyone from the community recognized them and to report any future incidents.

• At approximately 1:39 p.m., AST arrested Cecilia Lloyd, 33, on a warrant stemming from a drug DUI. Lloyd was arrested and remanded to the Kodiak Jail without incident.  

• At approximately 8:08 a.m., Jacob Macomber, 32, was arrested on a $10,000.00 warrant and was remanded to Kodiak Jail. Upon his remand, he was asked to provide a urinalysis per his conditions of release. AST was notified that Macomber ultimately refused to provide that urinalysis, which violated all of his conditions of release. Macomber was charged with four counts of violating conditions of release. 


• Joshua Cardman-Peden, 41, of Homer was issued a citation by the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Kodiak Post, for failure to have his 2020 CFEC Vessel License on board while commercial fishing. Bail is set at $220.00 in the Kodiak Courts.

• At 10:55 p.m., AST received a report from KPD that someone threw an explosive at one of their officers’ houses. AST and KPD were able to identify a suspect while viewing video surveillance footage. There was no property damage and KPD continued investigation. There was no further AST involvement.


• At approximately 2:44 p.m., AST received a report of a disturbance in Kodiak. While the troopers were on the phone with the caller, she disclosed that an assault had occurred. Troopers responded to the residence and investigation revealed there was an assault, but neither party wanted to press charges. Troopers contacted the on-call DA and were advised not to arrest.  Case closed.

• At approximately 3:52 a.m, AST received a report of a verbal disturbance coming from the cliff near the caller’s home. AST responded and contacted the caller. The caller stated he heard a young female screaming and highly intoxicated, while another young male was yelling to get her to calm down and another male that was with them seemed to be observing. He said they came up from behind his house to Spruce Cape Road where a pickup truck picked them up and transported them down the street. AST made contact at the residence and spoke with the homeowner who stated that everyone is OK. 


• At 8:52 p.m, AST received a report of a disturbance in Kodiak.  The caller stated she got into a fight with her mother and was kicked out of the house, but her probation required her to reside there. AST responded and determined the incident was non-criminal.


• At 12:33 p.m., AST received a call from an individual reporting their boat motor stolen. An investigation is ongoing.


• At 1:07 p.m., AST received a report of a camper that was vandalized while it was parked at a storage facility near Bayside Fire Department. An investigation is ongoing.

• At 8:30 p.m., AST received a report of a noise disturbance. An investigation is ongoing.

• A minor was issued a citation by the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Kodiak Post, for failure to release a snagged silver salmon. Bail is set at $140.00 in the Kodiak Courts.


• At approximately 8:22 a.m., troopers received a report of trespassing and potential protective order violation. Troopers responded and arrested Joseph Griskonis, 49, of Kodiak, for violation of protective order.

• At approximately 4:42 p.m., troopers responded to a call involving child custody concerns. Investigation revealed this was a civil matter and troopers advised both parents accordingly.


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