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A Kodiak man attempted to spin his truck around while approaching the parking area at the White Sands recreation area when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a parked vehicle, state troopers said Thursday.

Garrett Gatter, 19, was driving a 2005 Ford F150 on June 25 when his vehicle struck a parked 2001Toyota Tundra at the end of Monashka Bay Road in the parking area of the beach.

The report said investigation revealed that 19-year-old Zackary Griffiths of Wasilla was sitting in his parked 2001Toyota Tundra while Gatter was approaching the parking lot.

“Gatter attempted to spin his truck around in the parking lot and lost control of his vehicle, causing it to collide with Griffiths’ vehicle,” the report said.

Griffiths’ vehicle was hit in the passenger side door area.

About $5,000 in damage was done to Griffiths’ vehicle and around $3,500 to Gatter’s.

Gatter was also found to have a revoked driver’s license. No injuries were reported and Gatter was wearing his seatbelt, the report said.

Gatter was issued a summons for driving while his license was in a revoked status and he was issued a citation for expired registration, the report said.

On Dec. 19, 2013, Gatter was also involved in a crash on Island Lake Road, a trooper report said.

A trooper investigation revealed that Gatter, then 17, was driving a 1997 Dodge truck on 491 Island Lake Road and was turning into a driveway when “it slid down and struck an unoccupied 2001 Nissan X-Terra that was parked in the driveway.”

Damage to the Nissan was estimated at about $1,000. No citations were issued.

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