Duncan Fields

Duncan Fields

Gov. Sean Parnell has nominated Kodiak resident and council member Duncan Fields to fill another three-year term on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council.

The nomination will go forward to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce for final approval, which is expected to occur this summer.

To hold a seat on the council, interested parties were required to submit their names and letters of support from people in the industry.

Fields said he submitted his name to be considered for renomination because fisheries and fisheries management are a big part of Kodiak, and he is concerned about the community where he lives.

“Being on the North Pacific (Fisheries Management) Council is significant meaningful public service,” Fields said. “You’re making decisions relative to much of the fishery resource available in and around Kodiak and the Gulf of Alaska as well as much of the resource in the Bering Sea.”

If approved, this will be Field’s third consecutive term on the 15-member council. Each member can serve up to three consecutive terms. Before taking his seat in 2007, he served on the NPFMC’s advisory panel.

Fields grew up in Kodiak and has been an active fisherman since 1960. He has worked on fisheries issues for rural communities for the last 15 years, and is currently a technical advisor for the Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition where he works with small fishing communities like Old Harbor and Ouzinkie.

“I think it’s important that active fishermen from communities like Kodiak are involved in the Council process,” Fields said. “I think it’s helpful to have a working knowledge of fisheries in and around Kodiak on the Council.”

Parnell also nominated David Long from Wasilla for a second expiring seat, and named two alternate nominees.

“The fisheries resources in the North Pacific are of vital importance to Alaskans and Alaskan communities, and these nominees are experienced in the harvest, conservation, and management of fisheries resources,” Governor Parnell said in a press release. “Mr. Fields and Mr. Long will effectively press forward on issues that are important to Alaska.”

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