DEREK CLARKSTON/Kodiak Daily Mirror

The M/V Tustumena docks at the Kodiak Ferry Terminal on June 3.

Ferry bookings are now open for the summer, after the Alaska Marine Highway System released its official summer schedule on Wednesday. 

The AMHS summer schedule covers ferry travel from May through September. It was released following a public comment period held in January and February. 

Alaska Department of Transportation spokesperson Sam Dapcevich said that there were no changes to ferry schedules affecting Kodiak after the comment period. 

The M/V Kennicott last left Kodiak on Jan. 3, the last ferry Kodiak has seen. Ferry service will resume on March 25 when the Kennicott will arrive from Whittier. The M/V Tustumena will arrive in Kodiak on April 16 after stops in Port Lions and Ouzinkie. 

According to the schedule, the Tustumena will dock in Kodiak 14 times a month from May to September. It will arrive on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during the first week of every month; Monday and Wednesday in the second week of the month; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the third week; and Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the fourth week. 

During the second week of the month, the Tustumena will take the trip out the Aleutian Chain. 

The Kennicott will arrive four times a month in Kodiak. It will run between Kodiak and Homer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every second week of the month, when the Tustumena is going out to Unalaska. 

It will make one stop on Thursday in the third week of the month, and it will head to Whittier directly afterward. 

The Tustumena will visit Port Lions and Ouzinkie on Monday and Friday during the first week of every month, only on Monday in the second week, only on Friday in the second week, and on Monday and Friday during the fourth week. 

The Kennicott will not make any stops in either village all summer in the proposed schedule. 

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