With the first week of school in the books, the Kodiak Island Borough School District reported that 2,227 students were attending public school in Kodiak this year. 

Of those, 1,652 are in traditional school, 338 are in the remote program and 237 students are homeschooling with the AKTeach program affiliated with the district. 

At the Board of Education work session on Sept. 14, Superintendent Larry LeDoux said the district was expecting 2,240. The breakdown between traditional, remote and homeschool was a bit more of a surprise. Earlier in the summer, the district surveyed parents to ask them where they would send their children. 

Eighty-three percent said they would choose traditional school. In the latest numbers, 74% of kids are in traditional school, with the rest in remote or homeschool. 

“We didn’t know until recently, two weeks before school started, what parents were actually going to do when they were given a choice,” LeDoux said.

“I was a little startled with the number of people that selected both homeschool and remote. At the same time I felt proud that we had that option.” 

Total enrollment is a tricky thing to measure. Kids come and go throughout the school year, but especially at first. The official count doesn’t come until October, when the district conducts its annual “October count,” which determines state education funding. That’s done over 20 days, with average attendance across those days determining funding levels. 

Students in AKTeach count as part of the district’s total, but they are only funded at 90% of what a traditional student brings the district in state money. 

The district will be hoping that the breakdown among the three school styles stays about the same, given that it has allocated staff and created social distancing protocols with the current numbers. 

“We should have the flexibility in some cases to make adjustments. What we can’t do is overload classrooms and start grouping kids together where social distancing becomes impossible,” LeDoux said. 

LeDoux announced the breakdown of the enrollment numbers for each school in the district. They are as follows:

Peterson Elementary has 229 students enrolled, with 179 in traditional, 15 in remote and 35 in homeschool. 

Main Elementary has 197 students enrolled, with 134 in traditional, 48 in remote and 15 in home school. 

East Elementary has 296 students enrolled, with 226 in traditional, 55 remote and 15 in home school. 

North Star Elementary has 262 students enrolled, with 207 in traditional, 27 in remote and 28 in home school 

Kodiak Middle School has 484 students enrolled, with 322 in traditional, 91 in remote and 71 in homeschool. 

Kodiak High School has 638 students enrolled, with 514 in traditional, 97 in remote and 27 in homeschool. 

Rural schools have 73 students in total, with five of them in the remote program.

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