Courtesy of Kodiak Police Department

The Kodiak Fire Department and Kodiak Police Department responds to an alleged assault in downtown Kodiak Saturday night. 

Shots heard in downtown Kodiak Saturday night were fired in self-defense by a cab driver who was allegedly assaulted, according to the Police Department. 

Joseph Leete, 26, faces multiple felony and misdemeanor charges for assault, according to court documents. 

At 9:10 p.m. Saturday, police received multiple reports of shots fired on Marine Way. 

After arriving on the scene, police put the surrounding bars under lockdown while they investigated, said police spokesperson, Lt. Francis de la Fuente. 

Police officers and Kodiak Fire Department medics found the victim lying on the ground in the harbormaster office parking lot. The victim reported he had fired a gun in order to stop Leete from physically assaulting him. 

According to police, the victim got into an altercation with Leete after he saw alerted urinating on a vehicle. 

The victim said he hit Leete because Leete threatened him. As the victim was walking away, Leete allegedly chased him and started “raining punches” on the victim’s head and face. 

According to the documents, the victim had a “knot” on the left side of his head and complained about pain in his nose. 

While punching the victim, Leete switched off from striking him to grappling him, the victim said. Consequently,  the victim pulled out his gun which he used to hit Leete on the head. He also reportedly fired his gun in the air twice to get the defendant to stop. 

Leete reportedly told the victim multiple times, “you’re going to call the police.”

At one point during the fight, the victim said he ended up face down on the ground with Leete on his back. He told Leete he couldn’t breath. After he said those words, Leete reportedly put his forearms across the victim’s mouth and nose to suffocate him. He said he believed Leete was trying to kill him and that he was going to die. 

The documents do not specify how the fight finished. 

A witness told police Leete walked to the Safeway Liquor Store across the street from the harbormaster office parking lot. Security cameras showed Leete entering the store after the fight. 

After the incident, a police officer saw Leetein the downtown mall area, according to the documents. Leete reportedly had a cut behind his left ear and a linear bruise on the left side of his head. His hands were swollen and red and had blood on them. 

Leete was arrested and taken to the Kodiak jail. A breath test showed him with a 0.14 breath alcohol concentration, according to court documents. 

He told police that he didn’t know anything about the gun shots, saying he was not part of an altercation and that he had injured his hand because he was clumsy. 

According to police, although no one was shot, the victim was transported to the hospital and medevaced to Anchorage. 

Police did not put out a Nixle alert, de la Fuente said, because with the small department, officers busy trying to “piece together the stories.”

Leete has no previous assault charges. 

The next court hearing will be at 2:30 p.m. Nov. 27. 

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