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Stefan Quinth holds up his new book "Kodiak, Alaska — The Island of the Great Bear" in Kodiak, on Friday, Nov. 1. (Nicole Klauss photo)

Swedish filmmaker Stefan Quinth has released a book that he claims is the largest book about Kodiak Island.

His new book, “Kodiak, Alaska: The Island of the Great Bear” was released in English this month and will be available for purchase at various locations around town.

The 270-page, 18-chapter book includes photos, interviews and stories about Kodiak Island, its people and the bears.

The book covers the history of Kodiak Island, Russian history, Alutiiq history, the 1964 tsunami and the 1912 volcano, as well as filming the bears and traveling around the island.

“I think it’s the most complete book about Kodiak,” Quinth said. “If you want to know something about Kodiak, most of it’s in here.”

While the book includes information about the brown bears, Quinth said he decided to make the main focus of the book about the people because they stood out to him more than the bears.

“I met so many very interesting, wonderful people here,” he said. “I’ve seen the bear thousands of times.”

Quinth, a nature photographer and film producer has been traveling to Kodiak for more than 20 years. He first visited Kodiak in 1988 to film the bears and the island. He enjoyed the island so much that he continued to come back over the years to make a number of movies with his company, Camera Q.

“I’ve made a number of movies here,” he said. “I’ve been here for all kinds of television stations, NOAA, and Fish and Game.”

Quinth travels around the world making films with Camera Q. He has filmed in more than 40 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. Camera Q documents nature and people through film for television, schools, companies and organizations.

Although Quinth only spends a few months in Kodiak a year, he still calls Kodiak his home, and even has a Camera Q office based in Kodiak.

“We work in many countries; that’s why I’m only here a couple of months in the summertime and a couple of months in the spring and the fall,” he said. “I keep coming back to Kodiak because it’s my home.”

Quinth brought 1,500 copies of the book to Kodiak last week and will be selling them around town the next few weeks. He will talk about his new book at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Baranov Museum.

He also plans to show some film clips about Kodiak Island.

“With this book there will eventually be a film series,” Quinth said. “I was hoping to have it done at the same time as the book, but then I thought, let’s present the book now and next year have the first one or two movies ready.”

Quinth has already started working on the films, which will feature long interviews with the people in the book. He hopes to release the films next year.

“Kodiak, Alaska: The Island of the Great Bear” costs $42 and can be purchased from Quinth while he is in town. He also plans to sell copies in local museums and shops.

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