A first draft of the Alaska capital projects budget was released by the Legislature on Monday afternoon where it debuted in the Senate Finance Committee. Kodiak projects are littered across the list, surprising some city officials.

“I’ve never seen it in my professional career where a city got everything on the list,” Kodiak city manager Aimée Kniaziowski said.

Aside from the city getting all five of their capital improvement projects onto the budget, a slew of other projects made it as well.

The Kodiak projects on the list include $15.5 million toward the Kodiak High School project, $6.9 million in matching funds for the new Kodiak Public Library, $2 million for Baranof Park improvements, $7.5 million for the Kodiak Electric Association Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility Expansion, and $1.6 million for pier and downtown pedestrian improvements including a pedestrian path from Pier 2 to downtown.

“We got $2 million for the park improvements, which I thought we’d never see,” Kniaziowski said.

The amounts for the Shelikof improvements and the library funding on the list are more than the city asked for.

Kodiak Island villages also had a number of projects in the budget. Old Harbor has $1.5 million earmarked for airport improvements and Akhiok has just over $52,000 for the school’s sewer line repair.

While it was a small victory to have the projects in the budget, Kniaziowski said it still has to go to the House of Representatives. She heard the House will do some tweaking to the list, but added that there were no overriding concerns.

The governor’s budget had $4 million for the Alaska Aerospace Corporation, but it has been cut. AAC is a state-owned corporation that operates the Kodiak Launch Complex.

The total budget adds up to $2.9 billion. The Senate Finance Committee began hearing details of the new bill Tuesday.

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