KHS construction

Kodiak High School's tower undergoes construction in March 2014. Drew Herman/Kodiak Daily Mirrro

When classes start at Kodiak High School in the fall, students will head back to the same classrooms now in use, instead of occupying the new four-story tower now under construction as previously planned.

The original schedule for completion of the tower by Aug. 1, in time for the start of classes, is now expected to happen two months later.

“What we’re calling it is a modification to the phasing schedule,” project manager Bruce Walter said.

The tower construction is Phase 4 of the nine-phase project.

Walter said the contractor, Watterson Construction Co. of Anchorage, needs the schedule modification because of a bottleneck in the supply of construction materials. Due to the high number of municipalities undertaking school construction and renovation during the summer all around the country, certain long-lead materials become difficult to deliver.

In particular, the exterior glazing system needed to “close the envelope” and complete the tower’s exterior was not available when expected.

Phase 5 of the project called for gutting the current classrooms, but now those will be needed when classes start in August.

“Classrooms that were scheduled to be demolished in June will not be touched,” Walter said.

Instead, that phase will commence after the tower is completed in October.

“So it’s just shuffling things, is what we’re doing,” Walter said.

Walter, a consultant from Wilson Engineering of Juneau hired to oversee the $80 million project, said the schedule change will have no impact on the final cost.

“And it does not effect the overall end of the project,” he said.

Walter said he is happy with the contractor’s steady, seven-day-a-week schedule. Workers are currently installing the tower’s interior systems including plumbing and electric.

All phases are expected to be finished by November 2015.

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