Art projection

The Baranov Museum will project salmon-related art at 7 p.m.

The Baranov Museum will host “Salmon Projections,” a public art event that uses light projections to celebrate Alaska’s salmon and people, tonight at 7 p.m.

A light projector will illuminate photographs and artwork by Alaskan artists, fishermen and others. Images from salmon systems across Alaska will be featured, including Kodiak, Ship Creek in Anchorage, and the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers. 

“With these projections, we are hoping to show the variety of ways and the many places that Alaskans interact with salmon,” said project director Anjuli Grantham. “Commercial, subsistence, sports fishing, seafood processors and science are all included.” Most of the images are photographs,  but watercolors and pastel drawings will also be projected, Grantham said.

Salmon Projections is a project Grantham started as part of the Alaska Salmon Fellows, a program of the Alaska Humanities Forum. 

“I am really interested in exploring ways that art can be used to facilitate new conversations about salmon,” Grantham said. “This is a different kind of art event for Kodiak,” she adds.

The Baranov Museum will hos the show, and the projections will be visible from Sargent Park or from within the Baranov Museum, depending on the weather.  

“The Baranov Museum is dedicated to using our space and resources to facilitate conversations about topics that matter to Kodiak. Salmon

is something that everyone is Kodiak is connected to,” said Sarah Harrington, executive director of the Baranov Museum. 

Included in the projected images will be photographs by Breanna Peterson, taken for the museum’s West Side Stories project. 

This will also be the last opportunity for visitors to see the West Side Stories exhibit within the museum, as it is being de-installed the following week.

Along with the light projections, attendees are encouraged to take part in a conversation about Alaska’s salmon systems. The event will be catered and is free and open to all. 

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