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IRIS SAMUELS//Kodiak Daily Mirror

Kodiak’s KFC Taco Bell, which opened in 2008, will be closing this month. 

Kodiak’s KFC Taco Bell will be closing this month, according to a Facebook post by franchise manager and longtime Kodiak resident Debbie Rohrer. 

“We are saddened and disappointed it has come to this. We cannot discuss the situation further at this time due to potential future legal action,” Rohrer wrote in the Facebook post, dated Jan. 30 around 11 p.m., which garnered more than 500 “likes” and 150 comments as of Sunday. “We will continue to serve food from the restaurant until our supplies run out. At this point, we are assuming it will be within the next two weeks.”

The KFC Taco Bell has been a popular Kodiak establishment since it opened in 2008, and many Kodiak residents took to Facebook over the weekend to thank Rohrer for her service to the community.

Rohrer declined to provide any further comment when reached on the phone Friday.

The franchise is owned by MEA Enterprises Inc., a business corporation formed in 2007 and owned by Debbie Rohrer. The corporation was formed by Rohrer’s brother and former Kodiak Island Borough mayor Dan Rohrer. The corporation also owns the restaurant property, located at 2695 Mill Bay Road.

It is unknown if Rohrer intends to open a different restaurant in the building once KFC Taco Bell closes its doors.

In 2009, the Kodiak Daily Mirror reported that the grand opening of KFC Taco Bell set a record for Yum! Brands for its opening day and success in the following weeks. Yum! Brands, a Fortune 500 company, operates the brands Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet.

Drive-thru lines stretched for 30 cars during the opening, with many waiting more than two hours for a taste.

“Our grand opening here has set the tone for rural communities across the West,” Dan Rohrer told the Mirror in 2009. “We knew we’d have a good grand opening, but to have it be as strong as what it was — it was a really great opportunity to go back to Yum! Brands and say (they) have really been missing some opportunities to go across the U.S. in small, rural communities where there aren’t a lot of eating options.”

Dan Rohrer is also the owner of Kodiak’s two Subway sandwich shops in Kodiak, which operate under a separate corporation, Sealco Inc.

The closing of KFC Taco Bell also stands to affect occupants of the Kodiak Jail.

On Jan. 23, Subway and KFC Taco Bell were awarded a five-year contract with the city of Kodiak to provide meals to the Kodiak Jail. The Kodiak Subway franchise has provided meals for the Kodiak Jail for over 20 years, according to a letter submitted to the city by Dan Rohrer. In recent years, all dinners were prepared by KFC Taco Bell, while breakfasts and lunches were prepared by Subway.

“If KFC Taco Bell is closed for some unforeseen issue then we will work with the Police Department staff to provide the meals out of one of the Subways,” Rohrer wrote in the proposal submitted to the city, dated Jan. 5. 

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