‘Wit’ is a witty, funny and heartfelt play

A team of medical residents examines Vivian Bearing (played by Veronica Costa Bolton) during one of the scenes of the play “Wit”, on Monday night during a rehearsal. Bearing, a professor of 17th century poetry, is suffering from stage IV ovarian cancer. The play is Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. in the Drama Pod. (Louis Garcia photo)

“Wit” will make its first appearance on Kodiak Island on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The play is the story of main character Vivian Bearing, a woman who is diagnosed with stage IV metastatic ovarian cancer, and her transformation through life.

“Vivian Bearing is a professor of 17th century poetry,” director Jenny Stevens said. “She’s an uncompromising scholar and demanding professor with her students. Life gives her a great challenge.”

The nine-member cast has been rehearsing their roles in Margaret Edson’s Pulitzer winning play since Aug. 28.

The play written by a kindergarten teacher is quite popular.

“It’s been done in Anchorage and of course many other parts of the country,” Stevens said.

Bringing the witty, funny and heartfelt play to Kodiak was a no-brainer, Stevens said.

“I think we fell in love with the richness of the writing,” she said. “It’s incredible writing; it’s very tight. It was scoped down from I think two-and-a-half hours to 90 minutes.

“It’s just so tight and every word has a mirror somewhere else in the show. It’s characters playing off of each other and words playing off of each other.”

The cast includes Veronica Costa Bolton as Vivian Bearing, Joe Symonoskie as Harvey Kelekian and Mr. Bearing, Meghan Card as Jessie Posner, Katie Oliver as Susie Monahan, Kathy Hurst-Davis as E.M. Ashford and D. Phil, and also features Judy Carstens, Mary Patterson, Tom Quass and Liz Tafoya as lab technicians, medical residents and students.

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