A community gym fit for everyone

Lisa Frick, owner of Archipelago CrossFit, poses at her gym.

A love of fitness and lack of CrossFit classes in Kodiak drove former athlete Lisa Frick to open Archipelago CrossFit — a small, community-centered gym — six years ago.

“I’ve always loved working out and helping people workout and train,” Frick said. “After my last child was born I was doing CrossFit on my own and with some friends, and I saw there was a need for a gym in Kodiak.”

Frick’s goal is to help people become stronger in their everyday lives through CrossFit’s bodyweight, cardio and weight training. 

CrossFit is “more functional fitness,” Frick said. “We work on things in the gym to make you better outside of the gym life. It incorporates everything into one type of class.” 

Seeing clients accomplish physical feats that proved difficult to them before, such as climbing a mountain without getting out of breath or shoveling snow without issues, is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.  

She said students who stick with CrossFit become more empowered with their newfound strength, and they begin to enjoy and become excited about fitness classes. 

With her small class sizes of three to six people, she can focus on each individual client’s techniques and movements, and scale the exercises for each person’s level and ability. 

She said her students are friendly, positive and close-knit. 

Frick said that a large barrier to entry into CrossFit is fear of what people think CrossFit is, and comparing themselves to the CrossFit athletes they see in the media. 

“A lot of people don’t realize (CrossFit) really is for everybody,” she said. 

For Frick, becoming a CrossFit instructor was an obvious next step in her fitness career after years of playing basketball and volleyball in college, as well as gymnastics, Little League Baseball and football during her childhood. 

“I’ve always played sports. It’s always been part of my life. But I really didn’t start lifting weights … until I was done with college sports,” she said. She even met her now-husband through her fitness endeavors. They were high school sweethearts who met playing basketball. 

In addition to owning a gym, Frick is a mother of four and works as an accountant and bookkeeper. Her love of the island and its community began 12 years ago when she and her husband moved to Kodiak for his job as a pharmacist. 

“Discover the strength within” is Frick’s motto. 

“CrossFit brings that out of people,” Frick said about her motto. “I have a lot of athletes that come and don’t necessarily have experience in lifting weights.” 

Growing up around sports and becoming a CrossFit instructor has taught Frick about the importance of moving and “taking care of your body,” she said. 

After starting CrossFit, she also learned that nutrition is just as important as working for overall fitness. 

“The hardest part is in the kitchen. Working out is easy,” she said.  

Frick chose the name Archipelago CrossFit because many other Kodiak-related names were taken. When she learned about the word “archipelago,” she said it fit well with her business. 

Frick also offers toddler tumbling classes for children from one-and-a-half to three years old, and beginning gymnastics for children older than three years. The younger class teaches children coordination exercises and introduces them to balance beams. Older students do more advanced beam exercises and moves like handstands and cartwheels. 

Archipelago CrossFit is located next to Subway on  326 Center Ave, between Subway and Bernie’s Bar. Information about her gym can be found on the gym’s Facebook page, or she can be contacted through email at fitbyfrick@gmail.com

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