Ronda Wallace

Ronda Wallace, chief of the Kodiak Police Department

The City of Kodiak named Lt. Ronda Wallace the new chief of police on Friday, making her the first female police chief in Kodiak history.

Wallace will fill the position vacated by T.C. Kamai, who retired in September after a 25-year career with the department.

City manager Aimée Kniaziowski announced Wallace’s promotion in a press release Friday and said Wallace had accepted the position on Thursday.

“I’m very pleased with Ronda,” Kniaziowski said. “I think she’ll do a great job. She’s very dedicated. She’s an extremely experienced officer and I think she will represent the community and the city’s management team and the department very well.”

The selection process took around two months to complete. Kniaziowski said it was a tough choice as the city had two internal applicants for the position.

The position was posted internally the first week of September and did not have to be posted externally since the city received interest from two qualified candidates.

“When I saw that there were these two existing qualified employees — although neither have executive-level department experience — they certainly had unique experience that has to be paid attention to in a police environment,” Kniaziowski said.

The decision was made using a selection committee, which is typical when choosing people to fill top jobs. Kniaziowski has the final choice but said she chose to use a selection committee to help with the process.

One thing that was different from the standard selection committee process was that the city included a member of the public on the selection committee.

“Because of the importance of the role of police chief, I felt it was very important to ask someone who has interaction with the police department to sit in and participate,” Kniaziowski said.

Wallace has worked for the Kodiak Police Department for 15 years and has served as a patrol officer, investigator, detective, patrol sergeant, and detective sergeant. Her most recent position was as a lieutenant in charge of the Kodiak Police Department’s operational division.

Wallace completed her police training at the Alaska Public Safety Training Academy, and has completed criminal justice and drug enforcement classes. In 2012, she attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy, and she is also a certified member of the sexual assault response team.

Wallace was at training at the time of the announcement, and was not available for an interview. The Daily Mirror will have a follow-up interview with Wallace when she returns.

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