A woman stands accused of felony assault following a vehicle rollover that occurred late at night on Sept. 23.

According to the charging document, an Alaska State Trooper called the Kodiak Police Department to report the accident at 11:15 p.m. The trooper reported possible injuries at Mile 2 on Rezanof Drive West. 

Officers arrived to find the trooper assisting Marta Marroquin and another woman in getting out of the car.

Officers interviewed the other woman, and she allegedly told them that Marroquin had been driving and that they had had a couple of mixed drinks together.

According to the report, the women also told officers that she thought Marroquin may have been intoxicated and that Marroquin “was going too fast.” The woman said she yelled at Marroquin to slow down before Marroquin lost control of the vehicle, hit a wall and flipped the car.

The report states the women had blood on both hands and was limping. She was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries.

The officers spoke to the trooper, who reported pulling up to the accident shortly after it occurred. The trooper stated that he went up to the vehicle and saw the woman

pounding on the window in an attempt to get out.

The trooper said that when Marroquin saw him, she proceeded to grab cans of beer and stuff them into a duffel bag.

Officers contacted Marroquin at the hospital, and “noticed she had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath and person,” according to the report.

Marroquin allegedly admitted to drinking four beers before driving.

An officer performed a horizontal eye test on Marroquin, which she allegedly failed. 

The officer was unable to perform other field tests with Marroquin because she was receiving medical treatment.

After Marroquin was medically cleared, officers transported her to Kodiak Jail. 

After a 15-minute observation period, she provided a breath sample. The report states that Marroquin had a BAC of .15. In the state of Alaska, the legal driving limit is .08.

Marroquin is charged with Assault 3 – Repeat Threat of Death/Injuries and Tampering with Physical Evidence – Destroy, Alter or Suppress; both felonies. She is also charged with misdemeanor DUI.


Sexual assault charges

A Grand Jury has charged Santiago Mantanan Mendones Jr. with four counts of Sexual Assault 1 – Penetrate without Consent and one count of Burglary 1 – In a Dwelling, all felonies, stemming from events that occurred in 2010.

The charges include placing the victim in fear of imminent physical injury by means of a gun.

A $500,000 warrant was issued for Mendones’ arrest. Court documents indicate that Mendones may have fled the country, possibly to the Philippines. 

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