A Bells Flats resident is facing felony charges after allegedly driving under the influence and causing a head-on collision on Chiniak Highway, injuring two victims, according to court documents. 

Neal Skonberg, 33, is charged with three counts of assault, tampering with physical evidence, both felonies; as well as reckless driving, operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and a controlled substance, and violations of conditions of release, all misdemeanors.

At 11:20 p.m. on Jan. 25, Alaska State Troopers responded to a report of a head-on collision at Mile 7 Chiniak Highway. Subsequent investigation found that Skonberg had been driving south in the northbound lane, resulting in a collision with another driver who was with her 8-year old son. 

After Skonberg’s car stopped, witnesses reportedly saw him jump out of the car and hide items in nearby bushes. Troopers found an unopened can of Bud Light and a court-ordered alcohol monitor stashed in the snow. 

All three people involved in the accident were taken to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center for treatment. 

The adult victim was flown to Anchorage for surgery on her right foot, which was broken. She also had a facial fracture, a fractured rib, and pain and double vision in one of her eyes. The victim’s son had no lasting serious injuries, but did have foot pain. 

Skonberg sustained bleeding in the a brain, and reportedly admitted to hospital staff that he had used cocaine. He was discharged from the hospital as his condition had not progressed, according to the documents.  

Reports state that Skonberg smelled like alcohol and had bloodshot, watery eyes. He allegedly refused to cooperate with law enforcement and did not want to give his account of what happened. 

According to the Alaska Public Safety Information Network, Skonberg has two conditions of release for cases involving alcohol and is not allowed to possess or consume any alcohol.

Skonbeg’s blood alcohol level was 0.269 and his blood tested positive for cocaine. 

Skonberg was arraigned at the Kodiak court Friday. His bail is set at $20,000. Upon paying bail, Skonberg will be ordered to have a transdermal alcohol ankle monitor, and is prohibited to drive any vehicles, possess or consume alcohol, and has to submit to random drug testing.  


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