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Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Dan Rohrer, left, and city Mayor Pat Branson.

With only one day left in the declaration of candidacy period for upcoming municipal elections, there are no candidates for Kodiak Island Borough Mayor, and numerous other positions remain without candidates, including a seat on the school board.

The candidacy filing period began Aug. 1 and will end at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

The borough mayor’s seat, currently filled by Dan Rohrer, and two assembly seats, currently held by Scott Arndt and Scott Smiley, are up for election. One KIB School District seat, currently held by Julie Cain Hall, is up for election. 

Additionally, positions up for election include two seats on the Bay View Road Service Area Board, one seat on the Fire Protection Area No. 1 Board, two seats on the Monashka Bay Road Service Area Board, two seats on the Service Area No. 1 Board, and two seats on the Womens Bay Service Area Board.

Current Borough Mayor Dan Rohrer does not intend to run for the mayor’s seat in the upcoming elections, he told the Kodiak Daily Mirror on Tuesday.

“I liked being able to serve the community in the capacity of mayor but I wanted to refocus on my business activities,” Rohrer said. “Timing-wise, it’s not right for me to run again, given everything else I have going on in my life.”

“I think somebody will decide to step up and run. Part of it is just the word getting out that I’m not going to run again,” said Rohrer, who has served as mayor for one term, beginning in 2016.

So far, the borough clerk’s office has received two candidacies for borough assembly seats. One of the candidates is current Assembly Member Arndt, who filed as incumbent. Assembly Member Smiley has not filed candidacy. 

Additionally, there is one candidate for Womens Bay Service Area Board and one candidate for Fire Protection Area No. 1. 

According to the borough clerk’s office, if no candidacies are filed for the mayor’s position, the borough’s deputy presiding officer may be appointed to the role by the borough assembly. Current deputy presiding officer is Assembly Member Rebecca Skinner. 

If Skinner assumes the role of mayor, her assembly seat will be vacated. The assembly can then appoint an individual to the seat after an application process, without calling for special elections, according to KIB code.

If a seat remains vacant on a service area board, it can be filled by assembly appointment. It will not be opened to an additional election period, and will remain unfilled until an appointment is made by the assembly, according to borough code.

According to the Borough Clerk’s office, the candidacy filing process is fairly simple, and interested individuals can still complete the process before the Thursday deadline.

In order to file for candidacy, individuals must include a declaration of candidacy and information on their address and length of residency in the borough. Candidates for borough mayor, borough assembly and school board must also include a financial disclosure statement, which can be filled out online. 

Borough requirements stipulate that candidates for mayor, assembly and school board positions must be qualified voters and residents of the borough for one year at the time of filing. Candidates for service area boards must be qualified voters and residents of the service area for at least 30 days prior to filing. 

A school district employee may seek election to the School Board but must resign his or her position with the district if elected. 

The borough clerk’s office encouraged interested individuals to seek its assistance in filing candidacies. 

Individuals may also run as write-in candidates by filing a declaration of write-in candidacy form with the borough clerk by 5 p.m. Sept. 1.

For the city of Kodiak, the mayor’s seat and two council seats are up for election.

Current City Mayor Pat Branson is the only individual to file candidacy for the mayor’s seat. She has been mayor since 2011. For the council member positions, the two incumbents, Charles Davidson and John Whiddon, have filed their candidacy.

No new candidates have filed for the open city positions. However, two additional candidacy packets have been picked up and may be filed before the deadline, according to the City Clerk’s office. 

Voters must register no later than Sept. 1 in order to vote in the upcoming municipal elections, which will be held on Oct. 1. 

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