Keeping Kodiak manicured

Sam Rohrer, owner of Kodiak Lawn Care and Snow Removal, stands by one of his six trucks Tuesday afternoon. (Derek Clarkston photo)

Sam Rohrer used to be that neighbor.

You know, the neighbor who never keeps up with their yard work.

“My first house on Selief, I never mowed the lawn once,” he said. “It was so funny. All my neighbors had these beautiful manicured lawns and I always called my house the ‘Little House on the Prairie.”’

Times have changed for Rohrer. He not only takes care of his lawn, but many others, too, as owner of Kodiak Lawn Care and Snow Removal.

“I have become a lawn nut,” he said Tuesday afternoon.

Rohrer, a 1999 graduate of Kodiak High School, purchased Kodiak Lawn Care from Craig Stratman in 2008. Rohrer worked three years for Stratman as a snowplow truck driver before buying the business.

“Midway through the winter he asked me if I was interested in buying the business from him and that was that,” Rohrer said.

“It has been a learning experience. It has been fun … it exposed me to a whole different part of Kodiak, a bunch of different folks that I otherwise would have not met.”

Rohrer said Kodiak Lawn Care does just about anything, “everything from cleaning gutters to you name it, we will do it.”

The company caters in mowing lawns, seal coating, line striping, parking lot cleanup and minor excavation. They also can fell trees.

“We do all the jobs that the big guys don’t want to do, basically,” Rohrer said.

Landscaping, though, is the bread and butter of the business — something that Rohrer wasn’t planning on doing when he acquired Kodiak Lawn Care.

“We were primarily just going to do mowing lawns and snow removal, but we quickly discovered that that wasn’t going to work that way,” he said.

Kodiak Lawn Care works on both commercial and residential lawns. Some businesses include Wells Fargo, KFC/Taco Bell, Credit Union 1 and McDonald’s. The company also did landscaping at the Koniag building and the new Kodiak police station (Rohrer said he did not pick the shrubs).

He was really proud of the work done on the Koniag building last summer.

“It is really simple, yet it looks really nice and has some cool little walkways in it,” he said.

The summer months seem to be the busiest for Rohrer.

“We stay hopping,” he said. “Staring in May we stay busy and when you get days like this (Tuesday) the phone just rings off the hook for people wanting stuff done.”

Work doesn’t come to a halt during the winter, though, as the company switches focus to snow removal and sanding.

When Rohrer purchased the business it came with two trucks and a Bobcat. Now Rohrer has six trucks in his fleet along with a loader and a mini-excavator. Kodiak Lawn Care employs eight people.

Kodiak Lawn Care does not have an office, but can be reached at 486-8829 or 539-1828.

“We just appreciate all the business that the community gives us and we really appreciate all of our customers,” Rohrer said. “We like the opportunity to take care of them and keep Kodiak looking beautiful one lawn at a time.”

Mirror writer Derek Clarkston can be reached via email at

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