Students have the chance to learn about caring for others at the Youth Responder Boot-camp this Saturday.

The camp is provided by Safety Net Training of Kodiak through the American Red Cross. Kids will learn about leadership training, the business of babysitting, caring for persons of all ages, outdoor safety skills, recognizing abuse or neglect, community-wide disaster planning and community shelter awareness.

The class is designed for kids ages 11-17 and will be taught by Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan, a licensed and certified safety instructor.

“We’re mostly focused on two-year first aid and CPR for infants and children,” Hollis-Buchanan said. “We go over a lot of injuries we might see playing or hiking.”

Water safety is also covered in depth, including the signs of drowning, shock, and hypothermia, and the signs of deadly allergic reactions.

Students should be prepared to get on the floor and be outside. They’ll be learning how to splint broken bones in an emergency, carry injured people around, supporting potentially-broken necks and backs and getting someone onto a flatboard.

“Even if it’s raining, we will be outside,” Hollis-Buchanan said.

She is the lead for American Red Cross’ disaster team, and will be teaching about natural disaster preparedness.

“We talk about the services available in our community, what a shelter is, when a shelter would be set up in our community, and the communications issues surrounding sheltering,” Hollis-Buchanan said.

She thinks it’s important to teach kids so they won’t be scared in an emergency situation.

“Teaching kids confidence and the ability to take initiative in a situation like that will save parents time and stress,” Hollis-Buchanan said.

The class costs $85, which covers all materials including a take-home reference booklet. Students will leave the class with a two-year Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification and a lifetime babysitter’s certification.

“It’s really focused on keeping themselves and their friends safe,” Hollis-Buchanan said. “I’m not trying to get them to rescue anybody necessarily, but learning to not be afraid to get help when it’s needed and knowing what to do in managing the symptoms until someone else does get here is the whole point of CPR.”

The class will be held at Kodiak Christian School.

Interested parents can sign up their kids by calling Safety Net Training of Kodiak at 942-2972.

The class runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 19. Participants should bring a lunch.

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