A mixed martial arts fighter from Kodiak was arrested for allegedly assaulting a man. 

Jesse Larionoff, 20, is charged with four counts of felony burglary in the first degree, felony assault in the third degree and misdemeanor assault in the fourth degree. 

On May 4, at 9:32 a.m., a man called the Kodiak Police Department to request medical attention for injuries sustained during an assault. Responding officers arrived at the man’s home and saw that his head was covered in blood, partially obscuring his facial features, stated a police affidavit. 

The man told police a rifle and a wooden chair piece were used in the assault. Police found blood on the rifle and around the piece of wood.  

The man also said he thought the assailant was trying to kill him, saying that Larionoff “mentioned getting the rifle and shooting me.”

Emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene and transported the victim to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center. An officer arrived at the hospital a short time later and spoke with the victim. 

The victim had been drinking and using illicit drugs the previous night, and had spent part of the evening with a woman, said the affidavit. 

He said the woman left his apartment in the morning, but later that day, she returned followed by Larionoff, who began yelling at the victim about giving the woman meth. Larionoff reportedly threatened him, saying, “I’ll hurt you, I’ll kill you.”

The man said he told Larionoff to leave his home multiple times, and then went to his closet and picked up his rifle and again instructed Larionoff to leave. 

The man said they fought over the rifle.

“I coulda sworn he was trying to get the muzzle in my direction,” the man said. The man also said that he did not hit Larionoff, and that the fight lasted between three and six minutes. The fight ended when Larionoff got off the victim and left. 

The victim’s injuries included a large lump around a cut on his head, extensive bruising to both arms and a large reddened area on his back. 

Police went to Larionoff’s home and found him in his front yard. One officer saw that he had skin missing from his right hand. When asked how that occurred, Larionoff said that he “got into an altercation with a guy.” 

After police told Larionoff they wanted to speak with him about the altercation, Larionoff told police he made the girl take him to the man who supplied her with the drugs. He said he confronted the man about giving her meth. Larionoff said he went to look for some of the girl’s belongings she had left in the apartment, and arrived there to find the man with a rifle in hand. 

He also said the man told him to leave and they struggled over the rifle, the documents stated. 

The documents also said that Larionoff admitted to hitting the man three or four times, and mentioned that he hit the man once with an object.

Police asked Larionoff what made him think he should be able to just walk into the man’s apartment. Larionoff said he was frustrated that the guy had supplied the girl with drugs. “This just … frustrated me so I just bolted in the house out of frustration, pure rage,” Larionoff said in the affidavit. 

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