A long, twisted tale about a stolen gun has resulted in charges against three Kodiak residents. 

A year after a Kodiak woman was charged with theft, she and two others face multiple felonies for providing police with false evidence to absolve her. 

The story starts in 2017, when Blake Still, now 26, admitted he stole a Walther 9 mm handgun during a burglary and gave it to Matthew Zulker, now 31, as payment for a drug debt. Later, Kodiak police found the stolen gun’s case while searching Zulker’s apartment in a separate investigation. 

Inside the case was a handwritten bill of sale, which showed that a third person, Tepora Sega, 25, had bought it from another person. Police, however, determined that the signature of the supposed seller had been forged. 

Sega, who is Zulker’s girlfriend, was charged with theft and forgery in April 2018. 

Earlier this year, however, Still signed a letter on Feb. 26, that said he had arranged the sale of the gun on Nov. 19 for $450 and that Sega had been assured the gun was legal. The letter was mostly typed, but several blanks were filled in by hand, which made Kodiak police suspicious. 

Both Still and Zulker were incarcerated from January to April. According to court documents, Zulker was trying to reach Still at that time, and asked Sega to tell him the date and amount of the sale that had been hand-written on the letter. A Kodiak detective sifted through hundreds of phone call recordings during that period for both men to find out more about the firearm sale. 

In some of those calls, Still was recorded admitting that he had sold Sega the gun he had stolen, according to documents. 

Still said he had someone else sell the gun to Zulker and Sega to make the sale seem legitimate, according to documents. He added that he set up the deal for Matthew Jones, using the alias Jason Charliaga, to sell the firearm to Sega for around $400, and that he filled out the bill of sale and had Jones and Sega sign it. 

On April 16, Still gave the Kodiak Police Department a copy of a signed and notarized statement about the sale of the handgun. The detective determined that the signatures did not match the Jones’ handwriting and Jones told the detective in October that he did not know a Jason Charliaga. 

The detective also asked Still about a discrepancy on the bill of sale. The date written on the bill of sale was Nov. 19, but the burglary occurred on Nov. 20. He replied that he must have been confused about the date. 

Zulker  faces felony charges of interfering with official proceedings and tampering with a witness. Sega, 25, is charged with violating conditions of release, a misdemeanor. Still  is charged with perjury and receiving a bribe by a witness, a felony; and providing false information implicating another in a crime, a misdemeanor. All three are facing felony charges of tampering with physical evidence. 

The detective reviewed Sega’s release conditions, which state that she must obey all state laws. 




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