Lon White

Lon White

The City of Kodiak picked Lon White to replace Marty Owen as the Cityʼs Harbormaster; expecting to see a time of big harbor projects, some ongoing and some new, ahead under his helmsmanship.

He begins his duties on Wednesday, following Owen who has served as the Cityʼs Harbormaster for nearly two decades, the City of Kodiak said in a statement.

“The immediate goals are to see our Pier 3 project through to completion. And also the state will be replacing the ferry terminal this coming fall. Two out of three of our major port facilities are going to be replaced within the next two years. And theyʼre major projects. There will be a lot of disruption during that construction,” White told the Mirror.

“My role is going to look at it from the userʼs standpoint from the cityʼs interest.”

White, 55, has served in the cityʼs harbor department for 32 years -- before the harbor was built.

Hired in 1982 as a harbor officer, he was promoted through the ranks to deputy harbormaster, where he has served for over 19 years. Currently, he serves as president of the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters & Port Managers and is a 20-year member of the Alaska Association of Harbormaster & Port Administrators, the cityʼs statement said.

“Overall Iʼve been involved with planning and operations of the harbor for a long time, so much of the work Iʼm doing is just continuing. Iʼm just seeing through some of the visions that my predecessors have had and myself as well,” he said.

During his tenure, White was heavily involved in the planning and development of Kodiakʼs port and harbors and more recently the establishment of Kodiakʼs shipyard.

He views the rebuilding of St. Hermanʼs Harbor as imminent. “I actually started working at the harbor before it was built and now it is time to replace it in the very, very near future. Thatʼs going to be a big undertaking for the harbor,” he said.

“His expertise and experience is well recognized by the city and within the industry,” the Office of the City Manager said in a statement. “The City of Kodiak is fortunate to have him serve in this capacity and the City Manager says he will be a valued asset to the city and its management team.”

Some of the projects envisioned by White, his predecessor Marty Owen, and his current team will become visible around Kodiakʼs harbor and shipyard this summer. “A lot of rock will be coming out of the Near Island quarry over by the shipyard. And contractors

are looking at putting in a barge ramp over there so they can physically load large quantities of rock and move it over to the site. So one of the first construction activities that youʼll see will be preparing a barge ramp in St. Herman Harbor, pending permitting by the EPA,” he said.

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