Alleged Walmart thief charged with felonies

Trooper vehicles line Rezanof Drive Tuesday afternoon as law enforcement officials investigate Christopher Peters’ alleged crime spree. 

A Kodiak man, who was previously arrested for stealing coins worth more than $100,000, is now facing charges for stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from Walmart. 

Christopher Peters, 34, is charged with two counts of felony theft in the second degree, two counts of misdemeanor misconduct involving a controlled substance in the fifth degree and five counts of misdemeanor violating conditions of release. 

According to a police affidavit, at 12:23 p.m. on May 4, the Kodiak Police Department received a theft complaint from a Walmart employee. 

The employee alleged that a man and a woman had recently stolen several items from the store. 

The following day, a police officer met with the store's manager, who showed him security footage of the two suspects. Police recognized both suspects, one of whom was Peters. 

The manager told police that Peters stole several items and switched price tags — taking off price tags from less inexpensive merchandise and putting them on more expensive items “in order to pay less money for the desired items,” said the affidavit. 

Security camera footage from May 1 reportedly showed Peters opening a box containing a Samsung Smart Watch, putting the watch in his pocket and returning the empty box to the shelf. 

Other items Peters allegedly stole and under-scanned included a ladder hook, three bicycle hooks, a Gillette razor, shotgun ammunition and a PS4 gaming controller, amounting to a total of $406.14. 

Two days later, Peters allegedly stole and under-scanned an additional $149 worth of merchandise. 

On May 13, at 9:20 a.m. a Walmart employee reported to the police that Peters was at the store. That day, Peters allegedly stole or under-scanned merchandise valued at $133. 

Over the following several days, Peters reportedly stole another $966 worth of merchandise from Walmart. 

On May 19, police arrested Peters for theft in the second degree. Police also searched his vehicle and found HP ink printer cartridges, four empty plastic “bindles,” or small packages typically used to carry narcotics — one of which contained methamphetamine residue — several other items containing methamphetamine, one pair of jeans, a Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch and a Walmart receipt. 

After searching Peters’ home, police also found frisbees, pants, drug paraphernalia, a 9mm pistol with two magazines, a stolen rifle, a digital scale, counterfeit money, an electric razor, coins, packaging materials and a 35-foot pressure washer hose. 

According to the affidavit, after being questioned by police, Peters admitted to stealing and under-scanning items from Walmart on multiple occasions, and admitted to using methamphetamine and heroin. He also admitted to receiving the rifle and knowing it was stolen. 

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