Daily Mirror welcomes new publisher Bumgarner

Kevin Bumgarner

The Kodiak Daily Mirror welcomed a new publisher this week. 

Kevin Bumgarner joined the staff on Monday. He has more than 20 years experience with American City Business Journals, where he was a reporter and editor in Wichita, Kansas; Greensboro, North Carolina; Dallas and Honolulu. 

"I have been in media and communications all my professional life, and the Daily Mirror gives me the perfect opportunity to take my skills and passion for community journalism and make a good product even better, and an engaging product even more engaging," Bumgarner said. 

Most recently, Bumgarner lived in Florida, where he was working for a faith-based nonprofit. He said he and his wife, Melanie, have been welcomed warmly by Kodiak residents since their cross-country move. 

"When I came here I knew there would be great weather and beautiful scenery,” Bumgarner said. “And I haven't been disappointed. What I didn't know was how friendly and welcoming the people would be.

“I have spent time in locations from Maine to Hawaii, Florida to Alaska. I can honestly say there is not a friendlier group of people than those right here in Kodiak. I am thankful for those of you who already have welcomed me, and I look forward to becoming a part of this community.” 

Virginia Farmier, executive director of the nonprofit Helen Snedden Foundation, which owns the Daily Mirror, said Bumgarner’s skill set would mesh well with the Mirror’s mission. 

“Kevin brings with him years of newspaper and media experience and a proven record of community involvement,” she said. 

“Kevin and his wife will be a great addition to the Kodiak community.  He not only has a background in media work but nonprofit work as well, given that the Kodiak Daily Mirror is owned by the nonprofit Helen Snedden Foundation this knowledge should prove to be helpful in many ways.”

Bumgarner replaces Sara Schaefer, who departed last month after the Coast Guard transferred her husband to Michigan. Bumgarner said he will continue the Daily Mirror’s mission of being Kodiak’s go-to place for news and advertising. 

"I am looking for ways to make us the primary place that the people of Kodiak go to for local news and information, entertainment and community discussions. We will be looking at opportunities to grow our print, digital and social media content because we know you, our readers, get your information in all those ways,” he said. 

"We also want to be indispensable when it comes to helping local businesses reach their customers. We are your community voice, and that makes us a great advertising opportunity for companies big and small. If you haven't advertised with us in a while, or perhaps have never advertised, let's talk about how we can help you grow your business."

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