In summer 2014, the KANA building is seen through a bed of flowers. Julie Herrmann/Kodiak Daily Mirror

The Kodiak Area Native Association received $750,000 from the Rasmuson Foundation to build a new clinic.

According to a Rasmuson Foundation statement, the clinic will provide improved access to behavioral health services as well as serve veterans and active duty military dependents.

The grant was part of the Rasmuson Foundation’s Tier 2 grant program. That program provides large grants over $25,000 for large building projects, projects that are innovative or of strategic importance, expanding enterprises, or start-up programs that are innovative and significant broadly in a community or statewide sense, according to the Rasmuson website.

Rasmuson Foundation spokesperson Cassandra Stalzer said the foundation’s criteria for organizations wishing to be considered for a Tier 2 grant are sound financial practices, a history of service, strong leadership and community support.

“KANA certainly meets all the criteria for the type of nonprofit partner that we want to invest in,” Stalzer said. “They had a great proposal that met a need that they are seeing in the community, and they have over the years of service demonstrated that they have the ability to undertake these large capital projects.”

Before receiving the grant, interested organizations must submit an inquiry letter, and if the foundation is interested, the organization will submit a full proposal.

The Rasmuson Foundation awarded a total of $13.5 million in Tier 2 grants at their most recent board meeting on June 26. Other projects that received funding include a new library in Juneau, housing improvements in Fairbanks, Head Start center repairs, a health center renovation and many other projects.

The largest grant was $3 million issued to the Southcentral Foundation for starting up the Nuka Institute, which will provide training in Native health care for health providers.

The Rasmuson Foundation is a private foundation that provides grants to non-profits with the goal of providing a better life for all Alaskans.

KANA is a nonprofit that provides health and social services to Alaska Natives in Kodiak and the surrounding areas and villages.

KANA did not respond to a request for comment.

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