A Kodiak man is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder, in an incident involving  a local business owner, according to court documents. 

Yasuo Omwere, 38, is charged with attempted murder, burglary, and two counts of assault, all felonies; as well as misdemeanor counts of theft and violations of conditions of release. 

On Wednesday, the owner of a bed and breakfast on Rezanof Drive reported suspicious activity. Someone wrote “you’re dead” on a whiteboard on the door a room. He told police there were signs of someone inside the room, even though it was supposed to be empty. 

Multiple items belonging to Omwere were in the room, including a police criminal trespass form and Kodiak City Jail time account record issued to Omwere, as well as food, clothes and toiletries. 

According to the documents, Omwere had been staying in the room for more than a day. 

The owner erased the message and left the house. When he returned an hour later, the words “you dead” were written on the whiteboard next to a drawing of a penis. 

At around 7:15 p.m., the bed and breakfast owner called 911 to report that Omwere was threatening him with a gas can, telling the owner the house belonged to Omwere and that the owner needed to get out, according to the documents. When police arrived, Omwere had fled.

The next afternoon, the owner called 911 again saying he was in his car and Omwere was chasing him on foot. According to the documents, Omwere had a fishing knife in his hand. The chase  started on Carolyn Street and continued onto East Rezanof Drive toward downtown. The chase had just passed the “Y” intersection on Rezanof Drive when  police arrived. 

Police intercepted Omwere in front of Island Hydraulics, blocking his path on the sidewalk. 

Police transported Omwere to the Kodiak Jail. During the drive, he allegedly threatened the officers multiple times and told them he had planned to kill the owner of the bed and breakfast, and that he had chased him. 

The documents state that after agreeing to talk to police, Omwere said the vehicle the owner had been driving belonged to him as well as the house in which the bed and breakfast was located. The day of the chase Omwere said he had confronted the owner, demanding he give him the car and the keys to the house, 

Omwere said he had seen the owner driving the vehicle and tried to stop him, but the owner drove away. He said he became annoyed with the owner and admitted to taking out his fishing knife and wanting to “stab him right there in my car,” the documents state. 

Omwere also said he moved his belongings into the room because “that’s mine because that’s supposed to be my room.”

Omwere was previously convicted multiple times of assault as well as violation of condition of release for a criminal trespass charge. He has also been issued multiple restraining orders. 

Omwere will be tried in Superior Court. The next hearing is at 2:30 p.m. Dec. 9 and bail is $75,000. 

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