More details about last week’s hit-and-run on Rezanof Drive have trickled out in court filings. 

The incident left Kodiak resident Natalya Isatchenko dead. Police arrested Merlyn Armstrong, 59, also of Kodiak, on charges of failure to render aid. 

According to charging documents, both of Isatchenko’s legs were broken near the ankle, and she suffered an impact wound to her right hip and an injury to the right side of her head. Emergency Medical Services pronounced her dead at the scene. 

A pair of sandals was reportedly found near the road along with what looked like vehicle debris. More of Isatchenko’s belongings were found a mile from the scene, police reported. 

Police suspected Armstrong after her vehicle, a green 2002 Jeep Liberty, pulled into Coast Guard Base Kodiak, where she works. It had a “distinctly shaped area of missing paint from the hood,” the police report said. 

Security camera footage showed the vehicle pulling into the base the day before without the damage. Coast Guard Investigative Services contacted Armstrong, who was later arrested. The vehicle was towed to the Kodiak Police Department. 

Detectives later found chips of green paint matching the color of Armstrong’s Jeep near the crash scene on Rezanof Drive. The handle of a rolling suitcase and a Safeway bag also fell from the Jeep as it turned into the base. Police said Isatchenko often carried her belongings in a rolling suitcase and a Safeway bag. 

When questioned, Armstrong allegedly told police that she did not remember getting into an accident on her way to work. If she had, she allegedly said, she would have stopped and helped. 

Armstrong had previously been pulled over three times for speeding in 2000, 2001 and 2003, but has no other criminal charges.


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Reckless driver, huge shock. Maybe KPD should actually DO SOMETHING about speeding

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