The Humane Society of Kodiak is leading the way in Pick.Click.Give donations for Kodiak nonprofits. Most of the funds raised from the campaign, will be used to spay and neuter new cats and dogs coming into the shelter. In this photo, taken in 2012, cats at the Kodiak Animal Shelter wait for new homes. (Nicole Klauss photos)

Kodiak’s nonprofits are on track to breaking record donations in the annual Pick. Click. Give. campaign.

The campaign allows Alaskans to donate a portion of their Permanent Fund Dividend to their favorite participating Alaskan nonprofit.

According to March 4 preliminary figures from the campaign, nonprofits in Kodiak have raised $31,900 from 431 donors.

Kodiak’s nonprofits have raised more money each year since the program began in 2009. In 2011, Alaskans raised $15,000 for Kodiak nonprofits and in 2012, donations jumped to $33,000.

The Humane Society of Kodiak has already beaten its total from last year by more than $2,000. In 2012, the group received $8,275, and is currently at $10,375 for 2013.

“It’s wonderful we have this money and fantastic it goes up every year,” said Humane Society president Karen Yashin.

The Humane Society of Kodiak will use the funds for one of the biggest expenses that isn’t covered in its contract with the city — spaying and neutering cats and dogs.

“We always use the money for spaying and neutering,” Yashin said. “Every animal we adopt by contract has to be spayed and neutered.”

The Kodiak Public Library Association has collected $6,575 this year. Last year, it collected the most donations, $8,900.

Kodiak’s museums have also received support again. The Kodiak Maritime Museum has raised $2,125 and the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository has raised $3,625.

Other Kodiak nonprofits receiving Pick. Click. Give. donations include the Kodiak Womens Resource and Crisis Center, $2,675; the Kodiak Arts Council, $1,875; the Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation, $2,850; and Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc., $1,800.

Statewide, 19,627 Alaskans have donated more than $1.78 million to nonprofits, which is a growth of close to 10 percent more money than was pledged at the same time in 2012.

“Despite a smaller dividend last fall, many Alaskans still feel they can spare $25 or $50 to help a cause they care about,” said Pick. Click. Give. Program Manager Heather Beaty in a press release. “These small gifts add up to make a big difference.”

The deadline for submitting PFD applications and donations through the Pick. Click. Give. campaign is March 31.

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