After snow postponed last weekend’s community cleanup, Kodiak is ready for a second try.

At 9 a.m. Saturday, volunteers will gather at Kodiak High School to pick up trash bags and assignments for the annual project to spruce up Kodiak. “We normally go unless it’s blowing 40 (knots),” said Kodiak Chamber of Commerce director Trevor Brown.

Last weekend, it was three-quarters of an inch of snow, not wind or rain, that forced the event’s postponement.

The forecast this time around calls for rain, but Brown said that won’t keep the event from happening. “It looks like it’s going to go,” he said. “It’s supposed to be scattered rain tapering off.”

The postponement means old paint and chemicals must go to the landfill instead of the high school, but other than that change, this weekend’s event will look much like last weekend’s would have looked.

“We’re doing the exact same thing we were planning on doing last weekend,” said Ken Reinke of Threshold Services, which will be running an electronics recycling operation.

Household electronics will cost 25 cents per pound for disposal, but other recyclables will be free as normal, Reinke said.

This year, the city of Kodiak is not sponsoring curbside garbage pickup during the cleanup, a change from previous years. In compensation, the Kodiak Island Borough landfill is offering free dumping, and Nick’s Auto Wrecking Salvage is picking up cars for $150 apiece.

A handful of residents are going further on their own, self-organizing junk pickup. In east Kodiak, Judi Kidder has organized a truck and trailer parade that will collect spring cleaning junk from Jackson Mobile Home Park and Spruce Cape Road.

“I’m hoping other people do it,” she said. “It’s about neighbors helping neighbors.”

Kidder said that with the city stepping down, it’s time for individuals to step up. Kodiakans who complain about taxes need to be willing to self-organize and provide services local government otherwise pays for. “When the dump is free, we get off our butts, we do it ourselves, and we don’t have to pay the tax bill,” she said.

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