Borough and City

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and Kodiak City Council will hold meetings every other month to facilitate communication between the two bodies.

On Tuesday, at their first joint work session in five months, city Mayor Pat Branson proposed the bimonthly meetings, to which the council and assembly members readily agreed.

“It’s on our calendar, who shows up, what the agenda might be, it would certainly vary, but we wouldn’t be cancelling or postponing,” Branson said. “We would just hold the meeting and in between times, hopefully the managers would be communicating as well and bringing information to us, and we could always call a joint work session in between those times (if needed).”

When the meetings will occur is still to be determined. Branson suggested the first Tuesday of every other month, but two assembly members said the first week of the month is difficult for them. The clerks for the borough and city will determine the best schedule.

Assembly member Rebecca Skinner suggested the assembly determine what sort of things could be discussed between managers and what would be discussed by the elected representatives, but attendees didn’t get far creating a list.

“(Our managers) are pretty well experienced in understanding the difference between policy and administration, and I think we’re very lucky to have both of them here,” Branson said. “I don’t think either one of them would overstep their bounds in making policy decisions.”

“We have professional managers and one of the things they probably guard against, or should be, is people like us getting into management,” said assembly member Larry LeDoux. “They know the difference between policy and management.”

City manager Aimée Kniaziowski commented, with borough manager Michael Powers nodding in agreement, that the two managers already meet and discuss things regularly.

At the joint work session, the two bodies briefly touched on the recent assembly decision to place consideration of consolidation on the fall ballot, but didn’t discuss it at any length.

Assembly members Kyle Crow and Dan Rohrer sought to assuage council members John Whiddon and Charlie Davidson’s concerns that voters would be confused on the issue, with Crow and Rohrer saying the voter pamphlet, sent out to all registered voters, would explain the measure.

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