Soroptimist International of Kodiak celebrated National Women’s History Month by holding an art show featuring pieces made by women in Kodiak.

“We wanted to commemorate women’s history month,” said Soroptimist member Evelyn Wiszinckas.

Soroptimist International of Kodiak is an international group of women who work to better the lives of other women and girls in their community. They participate in projects to better women as well as raise money for awards for local women.

This is the fifth year the group has held the show to honor women. Soroptimists used to hold a dinner to celebrate the month, but decided they wanted to do something that could actually show off the talents of women in Kodiak.

“It’s a lot nicer because instead of eating, we showcase women,” Wiszinckas said. “Kodiak has quite a lot of creative women. We feel it’s a service to highlight women artists.”

Soroptimist received more than 40 art submissions from 21 Kodiak women. The art show features ceramic pieces, photography, watercolors, fabric pieces, quilts, pottery, mixed media, knitted pieces and wire sculptures. Some of the pieces actually incorporate women in the design.

Wiszinckas said the show was the first time some women had their art displayed in the community.

“Some women need encouragement to show their work,” she said.

In addition to the displayed art, two women were at the show to demonstrate their talents.

Tara Auten, a knitter of five years, brought her spindle and showed how she makes homemade yarn. Two years ago she started spinning her own yarn because she couldn’t find yarn with the right texture in Kodiak.

Jane Van Atta, a wire artist, hosted a hands-on activity to show people how to work with wire to make jewelry.

The art exhibit, located in the foyer of the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium, will remain on display for the remainder of March.

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