An employee of a net mending repair shop is facing a felony charge for allegedly chasing his boss around with a machete. 

Boun Pramoth, 56, is being charged with felony assault.

On Saturday afternoon, the owner of the shop reported to Alaska State Troopers that his employee, Pramoth, had allegedly chased him around the shop with a large knife or machete.  

The victim told the responding trooper that Pramoth was mad about not being paid $200 that he was allegedly owed, according to court documents, which also state that the victim begged Pramoth not to chase him with the knife and told him to calm down so that they could talk about the issue. But Pramoth reportedly did not listen.

The documents also state that Pramoth allegedly chased him three to four times and swore at him, telling the man he was going to kill him.   

The victim showed the trooper a partial video of Pramoth moving toward him with what appeared to be a large knife being pulled out of a black sheath. He told the trooper the blade was large and rusty. 

After speaking with the victim, the trooper found Pramoth near the victim’s store. 

According to the documents, the trooper stopped Pramoth and found him in possession of three knives — two smaller Victorinox knives and a large machete-sized knife in a black sheath. 

The trooper told him to put the knives down and arrested him. 

According to the documents, Pramoth told troopers that he worked over 60 hours and was only paid for 50 hours. 

In addition, Pramoth said the knife was for self-defense because the owner of the shop has allegedly beat him up and has previously not paid him. 

Pramoth also reportedly said the owner had damaged two of his vehicles in the past. 

The trooper asked him why he never notified the troopers of these past incidents, and he replied that he does not call the troopers on anyone. 

Pramoth also told troopers that the owner had beat him up earlier that day, so he didn’t want the owner near him, and if he “killed him, then he killed him so no chance of the police coming,” the documents state. 

The trooper told Pramoth he was under arrest for a fear assault with a deadly and dangerous instrument because he chased the store’s owner with a machete. 

Pramoth was taken to the Kodiak Jail. 

While being transported to the jail, Pramoth reportedly said he was going to kill the owner and cut off his head when he gets out of jail.

A breathalyzer test showed alcohol levels of 0.146 breath alcohol content, according to the court documents.

Pramoth has four previous assault convictions. 

The next court hearings will be at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 13 and at 2:45 p.m. on Nov. 23. 





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