Sutliff True Value will be Sutliff Ace Hardware in mid-October. 

After almost 50 years as Sutliff True Value, one of Kodiak’s longtime hardware stores will soon become Sutliff Ace Hardware after mid-October, according to the store. 

The store’s owners “were invited to an Ace (Hardware) buyers’ convention this past spring,” said store manager David Zimmerman, whose parents own the store. 

“We were really impressed with the size and the scope of products and vendors that they (Ace Hardware) have available. We thought it would be a good option for us and a good option for us bringing in new things to our store,” he said. 

Although they won’t be switching over their entire stock — many of their items are shipped directly from the companies that produce them— any True Value-branded item will be replaced with the Ace Hardware brand, Zimmerman said. 

“A couple of the things that will become available to us are Craftsman tools, which are really popular and aren’t available in Kodiak,” he said. 

The store will also switch to Benjamin Moore paint, “which is a national brand paint and a really good paint,” Zimmerman said. “There will be quite a few new additions.” 

With Ace Hardware’s cooperative business model, each store owner is a shareholder of the company and has more buying power, he said. 

With the switch, some of the store’s inventory may cost customers less, because the store will have the ability to buy products at a discounted price, Zimmerman said.  

In addition, the hardware store will offer customers an Ace Hardware rewards program and have member-exclusive offers, he said.  

The original Sutliff hardware store was actually a lumber yard founded in 1944 by Zimmerman’s grandparents, Norman and Peggy Sutliff. After the 1964 earthquake and tidal wave that destroyed the Sutliffs’ lumber inventory, they built the current Sutliff True Value building. 

The current owners of the store are Don and Barbara Zimmerman, who bought the store from Norman Zimmerman in 1984. 


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