A line of cars, each filled with eager children peeking out windows, stretched from Oscar’s Dock to the stoplight on Rezanof Drive on Wednesday. 

Who could draw that much attention two days before Christmas? Santa Claus, of course. 

Santa, complete with sunglasses to shield his eyes from the mid-afternoon sun, greeted each car with a wave, all while keeping a safe distance during this pandemic holiday. After meeting Santa, elves took center stage, handing each child a stocking stuffed with treasures — toys, candy, gadgets, coloring books, socks, gloves, toothbrushes and Crab Festival stickers. 

The event was organized by the Kodiak Lions Club, which solicited sponsorship from local businesses. 

 “We just wanted to do something for Kodiak, with everybody just feeling down and nobody doing anything,” Lions Club member Kathie Morin said. “We thought that doing a drive-by would be a way to keep everybody safe and for people not to be scared.”

The 300 prepared stockings were nearly gone in the first 25 minutes of the event. 

“I’m scared that we will run out, but Santa will stay,” Morin said. “We will know better next year to make 500 instead of 300.” 

Morin’s husband, Keith, dressed as Santa. He grew out his beard and looked the part as kids were giddy to get a glimpse of the man in the red suit.

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