Two men have been charged with multiple drug distribution felonies after they were the subject of a multi-agency sting operation. Court documents state that Joseph Ramos, 24, and Alexander Ancheta, 62, were both arrested following an investigation that involved undercover officers purchasing methamphetamine from the pair, as well as a number of others yet to be charged, at a house on Thorsheim Street.

Ancheta has been charged with one count of misconduct involving a controlled substance in the first degree for engaging in a “continuing criminal enterprise,” an as-yet-unclassified felony; and four counts of involving a controlled substance in the second degree for distribution of methamphetamine and the proximity of this activity to a daycare center, all class B felonies. 

Ramos has been charged with: Two counts of distributing at least 2.5 grams of a controlled substance, both class B felonies; and two counts of possession of a controlled substance within 500 feet of a daycare center, both class B felonies. 

According to an affidavit, after law enforcers received a number of tips and found sources willing to cooperate, an investigation into Ancheta was initiated. Sources informed authorities that Ancheta had several associates trafficking and selling drugs for him. Kodiak Police Department and local Alaska State Troopers are among those involved in the investigation, which remains ongoing. 

Although only Ancheta and Ramos have been formally charged, court documents name others involved as Cristian Penamora, Joan Sison, Anthoniflo Agno, and Mary Jane Biray. The document states there are additional individuals involved, but does not name any others. 

Court documents that the investigation revealed Ancheta has been residing at, and selling drugs through, a house at 1012 Thorsheim Street, a residence less than 500 feet from a daycare center. 

On Dec. 7, investigators set up a “controlled buy,” in which a confidential informant was sent to purchase an eight ball (3.5 grams) of methamphetamine at the Thorsheim address. The informant was given $350 and surveilled during the operation. Investigators witnessed Penamora answer the door and pass the informanant a baggie inside of which was a substance that later tested positive for meth. 

On Dec. 19, another controlled buy was set up. On that occasion, an informant purchased what later tested positive for 3.7 grams of meth from Ramos. An affidavit states that both Ancheta and Penamora were present during the transaction. 

On Feb 13, investigators were informed that Sison, who also resides at the Thorsheim address, was also involved in the distribution of meth. The informant subsequently purchased half an ounce of meth from Sison at the Thorsheim address. On June 6, another controlled buy was set up, in which an informant purchased a little over a full ounce (31 grams) of meth from the house. A search warrant was subsequently obtained for the residence.

During a search of the house, investigators found 50 grams of meth, a scale, Sison’s ID, and roughly $1,200 in cash in Sison’s room. Investigators found Ancheta’s in his room, along with 328 grams of meth, a large bundle of cash (more than $15,000), a scale, and Ancheta’s ID. 

Upon questioning Sison, investigators were informed that there are several other “stash houses” around town where Ancheta held drugs and money. On June 7, another controlled buy was set up at Waldo’s Apartment Complex, where an informant was able to purchase 1.6 pounds (roughly 629 grams) of meth from Mary Jane Biray. 

Additionally Agno was identified as another associate who holds money and drugs for Ancheta at a residence on Hemlock Street. A search of Agno’s residence uncovered $9,000 in cash. Agno informed investigators that Ancheta would pick up cash from there whenever he needed it and body-carry it out of state. Agno said that, in May, Ancheta had taken $10,000 to California. 

Ramos was given a $5,000 bail and is due to appear in court for a preliminary hearing Jun 18. Ancheta was given a $15,000 bail and is due to appear in court for a preliminary hearing June 18. 

The investigation remains ongoing.

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