The community garden program will host a work day to build raised beds in the community garden area in two weeks.

  “At this point, the materials are purchased, and now we’re going to get beds built and then move the dirt in,” said project coordinator Dave Kaplan.

  Aug. 2 is the date scheduled for the build. The beds will be made of pre-cut lumber that volunteers will help screw together and line to create 4-foot-by-12-foot beds.

  After that, the dirt will get moved in. It will be Kodiak soil, which will need to be enriched with beach peat and other natural nutrients before being placed in the beds.

  The Kodiak Soil and Water Conservation District will manage the community garden, which is located at the south end of Larch Street. Interest in the community gardens has been high.

“We’ve had at least two public meetings and lots of people are interested in getting it in place,” said KSWCD board member, Marie Rice. “It is moving forward.”

  Right now, both Kaplan and Rice said there are potentially more people interested in using a bed then there are. There will be 24 beds once they’re built.

  “I don’t know if it will be a lottery, we’re still kind of thinking how we’re going to do that,” Kaplan said. “We don’t want to jump the gun, and have people come out and volunteer and think they automatically get a raised bed. That’s not the case yet.”

  It is possible that some crops can be grown before winter sets in.

  “It’ll be late, but there might be a few fall things,” Rice said.

  The time of the work party has not yet been announced. Kaplan said he would send out a public service announcement and an email blast with more information in upcoming days. Contact KWCSD at 486-5586 for more information.

Contact Julie Herrmann at

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