The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly dug through the garbage Thursday night as assembly members took Alaska Waste to task for failing to provide an updated recycling proposal.

Last year, Alaska Waste announced its intention to exercise its right of first refusal and make an offer to the borough to take over from recycling provider Threshold Services, whose contract expires July 1.

The corporation was supposed to have a plan by now, but in last week’s assembly work session, Alaska Waste’s Kodiak manager, Rick Vahl, was unable to provide the price proposals the assembly wanted.

At Thursday’s meeting, the assembly unloaded on Alaska Waste and expressed its impatience.

“An eighth-grader could do a better job,” said assembly member Tuck Bonney. “If I brought that kind of proposal to my boss, I wouldn’t have a job.”

Assembly members Louise Stutes and Carol Austerman each called for recycling to go on the agenda again, because time is running out.

“I do feel we need to move forward in a different way than we’ve been attempting,” Austerman said.

In a separate debate, the council voted unanimously to postpone an update to its garbage contract with Alaska Waste. Late last year, the Alaska company was bought by California-based Waste Connections, and the assembly had questions about the chain of responsibility stated in the contract if a garbage customer wanted to file a lawsuit against the company.

The assembly also:

• voted unanimously to approve the rezoning of a lot in Bell’s Flats from industrial to light industrial;

• unanimously approved a resolution calling for the state to reauthorize the Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission;

• declared March 2012 women’s history month;

• named Old Harbor’s Danielle Christensen the student of the month.

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